Dear NIS Practitioner,

I am very aware that many new practitioners/members may not be cognisant of the supplementation I use in practice as a support to the NIS system of treatment.
The use of nutritional products are adjunctive and secondary to NIS. This is in NO WAY a replacement for the primary innate intelligence of the human brain, and should not be perceived as such.
Many patients are representative of frailness, incapacitated by suppressive therapies and injuries. I encourage the use of nutritional support that meet a strict nutritional code. This, coupled with clinical experience has been shown to be complimentary to healing principles and synergistic to the nervous system.
All nutrition in nature is only effective with the inclusion of one ingredient...ENZYMES

Enzymes initiate and consolidate the human assimilation process. Any prescribed nutritional aid that is absent of an enzyme transport system becomes questionable as to its validity.  The GI tract recognises and demands such criterior, as being essential to functional physiology.  

Firstly, two products that qualify are Ionix Supreme and Isagenesis by Isagenix. 
Ionix Supreme supports as a post viral tonic targeting remineralisation and enzyme replenishment.
Secondly, Isagenesis is the research product for sustaining telomere function by recruiting the natural sources contributing to the enzyme production of telomerase, to maintain DNA integrity.
I have been using both of these products consistently now for many years.
For the last 27 years, I have utilised a second company, Oxygen Nutrition. Again, the criteria for these 4 products is ENZYME related formulae.

Awakening was designed for the USA Olympic team using a herbal combination to reduce cellular rouleaux, facilitating the oxygen uptake of the erythrocytes.  The energy benefit from this investment, is a unique advancement to both professional athletes including professional mothers and fathers!
Focussed on joint integrity. The transmutation of calcium and collagen with this formula is significant, extending added advantages to the repairing of hair, skin and nails.

Triguard Plus
Is the immune system “toolkit” to deal with the ravages of bacterial, fungal and parasitic insult.
Air NZ employees have expressed confidence in the use of Triguard as an automatic inclusion in their travel necessities.

European Grape Seed Membrane with Resveratrol is employed to neutralise the damaging effects of free radicals. The enhancements have shown the oxidative qualities of this membrane, to be 50x more powerful than Vitamin E and 20x more powerful than Vitamin C. All chronic disease processes respond to the betterment of Restorylyn.

This summary is to both explain and share with our members what I have personally used and found to be clinically beneficial over the last 43 years.

With very best wishes

Dr Allan Phillips D.O