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              Supporting Viral Protocols to acheive better clinical outcomes.
              Special SEMINAR offer only available to NIS Masters Practitioners
              • NIS Practitioners - NO account setup fee.
              • NIS Practitioners SPECIAL OFFER- 1 year of UNLIMITED shipping. (value $119 USD *conditions apply) 
                • Science backed nutrition. No compromise commitment.
                •  Auto-delivered supplements to your clinic door
                • minimum monthly order required.
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                          "Use ADAPTOGENS to support and protect CNS thresholds during the stress response ..."
                          Dr Allan Phillips with Dr Paul Arciero - VIDEO 
                          NIS Masters Seminar Vancouver 2018 - About the Speaker - Dr Paul  Arciero 

                          NIS has system protocols for the assessment of viral infections. These infections when left untreated play havoc with the nervous system and many other body systems. Not only do active viral infections bring with them an array of unpleasant symptoms and health related problems, but they leave their mark through damage to the cell’s DNA & RNA, membranes and intracellular constituents. 
                          The Adaptogens are KEY ingredients in the formulation of IONIX Supreme. Adaptogens (in herbal medicine) a natural substance considered to help the body adapt to stress and a body under infectious "attack" is arguably one of the highest stresses to maintaining optimum function one can have.

                          We have detailed some of the key ingredients and research supporting  the therapeutic effects of IONIX 
                          See references below. 

                          How do Adaptogens work? 

                           1. Demonstrate Anti viral properties 

                           2. Liver & Kidneys: detoxification of "dead or inactive" cells as a result of an immune response.

                          3. Antioxidant protection of body cells from the "aftermath" of infectious attack

                          4. Reducing CNS Sensitivity to the STRESS response.

                          NIS Practitioners are using IONIX to support their NIS patients  

                          The NIS practitioner realises that infection, and in many cases VIRAL infections undermined the function of the CNS.
                          It is believed by so many, that patients presenting with ill health related to immune dysfunction in the presence of infections, respond EXTREMELY well to NIS. These protocols are so very POWERFUL in optimising ones health.

                          IONIX Supreme is ideal as a post viral tonic as the adaptogens contained in the formula show anti-microbial, anti-viral and antioxidant properties. The scientific evidence supports the “anti-viral” nature of many of the ingredients in the IONIX (see key ingredients and research below) and is therefore a great supplement to support the NIS patient  processing infection.

                          In addition, research supports the reduction of oxidative stress-induced toxicity on the hepatic system (liver) and is nephro-protective (kidney).  As these systems are essential to the elimination of "dead or inactive" cells and ultimately wellbeing, one should consider the use of IONIX as a supplemental support for patients, directly following an NIS treatment where positive tests for infection are found. 

                          In addition, research suggests that adaptogens  improve the antioxidant biomarkers within the body, which ultimately improves the molecular mechanisms responsible for cellular “stress-protection”.

                          How Adaptogens support NIS
                          Reducing sensitivity to the STRESS response
                          NIS Practitioners have all experienced the weakness that occurs with disturbance or interference in the CNS  during patient assessment, often referred to as "weak muscle test". This outcome occurs when the threshold of control of that specific nerve path is taken beyond it's threshold of function, so to limit potential damage to the CNS.

                          As you are aware, each gland or tissue has it's own unique threshold set by the CNS and is continually monitored in "realtime", forever sensitive to changes in the cellular environment in which it lives. When the gland or target tissue is stressed beyond what the CNS has set as "normal" for the individual, the result is a negative cascade of signs and symptoms that ultimately lead to dysfunction, pain and ill health.

                          This is where NIS is so VERY POWERFUL - the restoration of the CNS control and removal of nervous interference that restores "connectivity" to the target tissue. Applying NIS, produces a positive cascade of improved function, pain reduction which ultimately leads to improved health.

                          What if you could support the cellular environment of glands and tissues so that they have a "higher threshold" in the presence of a "stressful" event.  

                          Would this be important to a patient immune compromised with infection or super-sensitised CNS?.............OH YES!
                          This is where ADAPTOGENS have a special place in supporting the cellular environment.
                          Adaptogens work by increasing the resistance to stress and decreasing the body's sensitivity to stressors and thereby supporting the CNS by protecting the threshold of the tissue controlled and set by the CNS.

                          An example to illustrate. 
                          A conditioned athlete goes for a run and feels no muscle soreness post exercise, whereas the unconditioned runner who never runs, experiences pain and discomfort. How is this so?
                          The thresholds of the glands and tissues responsible for running, are set at completely different levels between the two runners. ie the conditioned runner has higher thresholds than the unconditioned runner. 
                          You wouldn't be surprised to find that on clinical testing using NIS, the unconditioned runner returns CNS interference consistent with the "overloaded" tissues while running. It also wouldn't surprise you that on clinical testing of the conditioned runner, that the same NIS protocols that were found positive in the unconditioned runner, were ABSENT in the conditioned runner.  
                          The stress of repetitive run training decreases the sensitivity to the affects of running on the body. This  decrease in the sensitivity is what protects thresholds in your CNS.  In the same way, dietary adaptogens decrease the sensitivity to the effects of the stress response in the human body and result to protect thresholds in your CNS.  Consider the stress response illustration in Figure 1 below.
                          Note: A stressor may take the form of infection, mechanical, emotional, chemical or inflammatory.

                          Reproduced from: Effects of Adaptogens on the Central Nervous System and the Molecular Mechanisms Associated with Their Stress—Protective Activity
                          Pharmaceuticals (Basel). 2010 Jan; 3(1): 188–224
                          You can read the full article here
                          A Doctors story
                          Dr Jen Jefferies, Naturopath talks about adaptogens and the normalising of body systems.  Ionix lifts energy and promotes adrenal gland recovery while protecting the body against the STRESS response.
                          Disclaimer: Ionix Supreme is not used to diagnose and cure any medical condition.  Results may vary from individual to individual.
                          Need more energy?
                          "I  have been taking IONIX for over 2 months now.  When I first started, I noticed a huge improvement in my energy and concentration levels.  It normalised  my energy to better levels. 

                          Ionix Supreme has helped enormously to sustain my energy  at a high level, so that I can run my business, cope with the stresses that  this brings, while maintaining energy in the tank for everyday life.  
                           Ionix is supporting my wellbeing and the health of  my NIS patients" -  Tony Sewhoy NIS Practitioner, Aug 2018.
                          - Tony Sewhoy NIS Practitioner, Aug 2018.
                          Natural viral support
                          I use NIS for my clients. 

                          The changes I have observed with NIS continues to AMAZE. 
                          When viral protocols show positive, I use IONIX  to support my patients in the treatment and elimination process.
                          For our clients - Ionix is the "Real deal".

                          - Body Reboot, Australia Jan 2018.
                          Know your IONIX 
                          What's  POWERING this adaptogenic formula?
                          Ashwagandha Root
                          Immunity - Do you know how awesome this is? 
                          Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is a plant in the Solanaceae nightshade family and is native to the dry regions of India, North Africa, and the Middle East. It’s been an important component in Indian Ayurvedic medicine since ancient times, mostly for its restorative benefits. In recent studies Ashwagandha has demonstrated antioxidant effects (8,9). Studies have also shown it to support healthy brain and immune function (10,11)
                          Siberian Ginseng
                          Anti-viral, T cells & immunity.
                          Activities of cytotoxic T cells and NK cells and the production of interferon and neutralizing antibody, body weight loss, survival rate, virus titer, and genetic mutation of virulence factors have been employed to prove anti-viral activities of ginseng. 
                          Reference: J Ginseng Res. 2012 Oct
                          Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum)
                          Liver & kidney function.
                          Wolfberry (Lycium barbarum) is a red-orange berry of the Solanaceae nightshade family that includes tomato, eggplant, chili pepper, and potato. Ancient herbalists regarded Wolfberry as nourishing to the liver, kidney, and eyes. Modern studies support these traditional claims by showing that the extracts from Wolfberry have antioxidant properties and protect the body from oxidative stress (3-5).
                          Protect your DNA and cellular constituents.
                          Oxidative damage plays a major role in disease today and has been linked to health conditions including cancer.
                          Oxidative damage leads to the production of "free radicals". These substances can be hazardous to the body and damage all major components of cells, including DNA, proteins and cell membranes.
                          Molasses has high levels of vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron and selenium, which are so often depleted under stress.

                          Mucuna Pruriens (velvet bean root)
                          Mucuna pruriens seeds yields the highest response in neuroprotective testing involving the growth and survival of certain neurons.
                          Mucuna pruriens leaves have demonstrated anti-microbial and anti-oxidant activities in the presence of bioactive compounds such as phenols. 
                          J Tradit Complement Med. 2012 Oct-Dec
                          Bacopa Monniera
                          Memory and CNS
                          Bacopa (Bacopa monniera) is a plant popular in traditional Indian medicine practices for the enhancement of memory and to promote longevity. Preclinical studies have shown it to have antioxidant and adaptogenic effects on the central nervous system (12-14).
                          Schisandra & adrenal support
                          In human studies, schisandra has shown to increase work accuracy and antioxidant protection and decreased feelings of fatigue and exhaustion (15).
                          Schisandra helps nurture the adrenal glands and turns down an overproduction of “stress hormones” like cortisol, it’s linked with better mental capabilities, physical endurance and metabolic health (18).
                          Rhodiola & stress resistance
                          Rhodiola has been used as an herbal medicine for several centuries in Russia and Scandinavia to increase physical endurance, improve energy levels, and help resist high altitude sickness. In clinical trials Rhodiola has been shown to help strengthen the body’s resistance to stress (7).
                          "Withania somnifera shows anti-viral properties and antioxidant affects..."
                          Indian J.Sci.Technol. May 2012
                          Special SEMINAR offer only available to NIS Masters Practitioners
                          • NIS Practitioners - NO account setup fee.
                          • NIS Practitioners SPECIAL OFFER- 1 year of UNLIMITED shipping. (value $119 USD *conditions apply) 
                            • Science backed nutrition. No compromise commitment.
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                            • minimum monthly order required.
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                                      •  Nutritional Support
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